Competitive Freediving Wetsuits

Suit Features

Biothermic - All Oceaner Performance Freediver Competitive suits utilize a biothermic inner that helps in increase positive thermal qualities to provide a warmer, more comfortable performance experience.

Top Quality Yamamoto - Yamamoto 45 is used on the SCS competitive suits. Yamamoto 45 is regarded as the highest quality material for competitive freediving and is used by multiple world record freedivers such as Mandy-Rae Cruickshank, Martin Stepanek, Tanya Streeter and many other world champions.

Raglan sleeve - Currently, all freediving wetsuits use a straight sleeve on the shoulder. This means a tubular body with attached tubular arms. A Raglan Sleeve is a specific cut that provides a better shoulder curve that is contoured to provide a more comfortable fit when the arms are in a down and over-head body position. Along with this quality, less bunching of material around the shoulders is also an asset when in a arm-up diving position.

Jacket bottom / beaver tail - A 3 layer composite biothermic in which 2 laminated layers are nylon sandwiched for better strength and wear qualities. This only covers the hip/bottom area where the beaver tail and bottoms receive the most use.

Around the face, wrists, and ankles you will find a rubber seal. This seal is added protection against water flow. After hours in the water you can get out of your suit and still find the lube solution you used to get into your suit still inside.

Color Options

There are many different color options avaialble. The stock suit comes in Black (70% of the suit) with silver trim highlights(30% of suit). This provides higher visibility which is important for Freediver safety. You also have the option of the following suit colors: Red, Bue, Silver, Gold and Black. At the bottom of this page you will see a drop down menu box with all of the combinations of these colors along with pricing for different combinations.


To find the right size for you please take a look at our SIZE CHART. OPFI wetsuits are one of only manufacturers to make both Men's and Women's stock sizes. Most people will find that they fit into one of the regular stock sizes in the above chart.

If you find that you do not fit into one stock size or you want to get a personalized fit, try our custom wetsuits.

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